Mar 8, 2011

UF rivals fastest supercomputer in the world

He could not have got a shout-out of President Obama, but UF supercomputer, the Novo-G can be found certain things better than the supercomputer so in China.

Chinese Tianhe-1A was called "the best computer in the world"for Obama State of the Union. But the number one thing is relative, "said Herman Lam, professor of electrical engineering and computer science UF.

"It all depends on how you vote, " he said. "There is a kind of saying, "This is the best ".

Novo UF-G was not included in the TOP500 list of supercomputers International, a list of the world's fastest processors because the Chinese team is using the computer UF a different kind.

Novo-G, which means "green" is smaller and uses much less energy than other supercomputers, "said Lam. This is the computer of choice for space satellites.

What does Novo-G is different chips are used.

Lam said that engineers can use the material will not be on the way data is calculated reverse change, adapt.

Different chips allow large amounts of data are processed on a smaller computer, so it is a better fit for satellites, "he said.

Supercomputer with the interior of the satellite will not send large amounts of raw data to supercomputers on Earth. You can process the information themselves and get the results. Novo-G is also faster in DNA processing.

UF super computer can not perform some operations faster than China, but it is compact and other transactions with the same speed to make.

In a time, the U.S. and China in order to compete which country remain at the top, Lam said that supercomputers are not competitive.

But, as both teams were designed for different things, both teams have their strengths.

"For some things, yes, we can do much better, " he said