Mar 9, 2011

Chinese Government Hackers Gone Wild

Hackers from China cause a number of recent bomb attacks thathave taken the government websites and businesses throughout the Western world.
In France, the Ministry of Finance was forced to 10,000 computers erupted after an attack near "spectacular" Cyber. French officialssaid that the infiltration of the target group of related files 20 (G20)developed and developing countries led by France this year

In South Korea, the Chinese experts have now managed computer on the top-secret government plan access last year in American-made Global Hawk unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. In addition, beat other cyber-attack the computers of the presidential Blue House, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the National Intelligence Service, South Korea military headquarters of the U.S. military in the country and several other agencies. The second attack was not immediately attributed to Chinese hackers.

Finally, a malware such as "The Night of the Dragon", which originated in China two years ago made the attacks, the five Western oil, gas and petrochemical industries targeted known. Infiltration made in the theft of personal information on the contracts, oil installations and gas field operations and software for managing and monitoring of the site.