May 7, 2011

Intel Core i7 2920XM Fastest Mobile Processor in Q4 2011

The needs of notebook consumers include great performance, long battery life, compelling form factors, seamless connectivity and security/manageability. Intel has platform technologies to optimize designs for each of these vectors and to help make trade-offs for a winning combination of features.

Intel has plans to release a new Core i7 2920XM & Mobile Processor based on its new Sandy Bridge lineup, The Core i7 2920XM which will remain Intel’s fastest Mobile Processor in Q4 2011. The notebook chip will feature a clock speed of 2.5Ghz which can turbo upto 3.5Ghz while the 650Mhz IGP Core also allows for turbo boost upto 1300mhz. The chip is a Quad core with eight threads along with 8Mb of L3 Cache.

The Processor will make its way to the 17' Gaming notebooks which can benefit alot from the 4 cores and 8 threads of the mobile beast. However, TDP of 55w is a pretty bad things as far as the temps and battery times are concerned. The chip is set to be released within upcoming months however a certain replacement with the upcoming Ivy Bridge platform is highly likely.

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