May 5, 2011

Intel Oak Trail Tablet Computer Processors

Intel has formally launched its Oak Trail processor, designed for use in tablet computers.

The new microchip is smaller and uses less power than other models in its Atom range.

Despite being the world's largest manufacturer of microprocessors, Intel has been largely pushed out of the growing tablet market.

Until now, most devices have used chips designed by Apple and Cambridge-based Arm Holdings.

the Oak Trail microprocessor technology designed and developed for use in tablet computers.

Intel, regardless of being the world’s largest maker of microprocessors, is largely out of the fastest growing tablet computer market; most devices use microchips designed by Apple and Cambridge-based Arm Holdings.

Intel admitted being behind competition during the announcement of Oak Trail’s retail name, the Z670.

Kevin O’Donovan, Intel’s Marketing Manager for Notebooks and Tablets, said, “You won’t find a lot of Intel-based tablets on the shelves at the moment.” Even so, O’Donovan asserted that they now have a viable and competitive product, “2011 is about becoming relevant.”

One of the Oak Trail’s largest selling points is the ability to run and use various tablet operating systems, including Android, Chrome, MeeGo and Windows 7. Presently, Arm-based chipsets, including Nvidia Tegra processors, are incapable of running Windows; however, Microsoft just made an announcement to support the popular Arm processors for its next OS release in 2012.