Mar 31, 2011

New Smartphones Review, Apple, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and Android

If you are in the market for a new phone, you have two options. Buy it directly, or a phone on a plan. If you buy a complete smartphone, you have to try to find between $ 500 - $ 1000 in your pocket, there are models that are cheaper and more expensive than that, but it is a reasonable average over the most popular models. Therefore, the contracts make very much sense. Not only the cost of switching devices in the longer term, you also get the lowest generously supplied rate calls and data over most pre-paid Tariffs in a phone you have.

The problem is that most contracts smartphone costs more or less the same, independently decide on the phone model you are. Points of entry are down nearly two dollars, but it is usually the phones fell last year to the door while you are still stocks. Fifty to seventy dollars per month, you can use the phone of their choice, including top models. It is easy enough to test the physical configuration of a telephone decision, but what about the software side? With so many ways, the smartphone operating system, do you go for? Here is a brief summary of the platforms of the leading smartphones and their pluses and minuses.

Apple iOS

Representative Phone: iPhone 4

pluses: The largest market for all the smartphone applications, hands down, IOS is a lot more flexibility in what can be done with it, especially in the field of entertainment applications. The fixed hardware platform - essentially almost obsolete iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iphone 4 - also means that all applications work optimally with mobile phones. IOS updates are planned and not subject to the approval of shareholders, it is usually a bit faster than competing platforms.

minuses: Apple controls the IOS environment with a steel glove, some people do not like, some applications will not be approved for IOS in a row. Also, there is no such thing as a "live" shows iOS Twitter feeds application, weather, or the like. Everything is based on the hard drive icons

Blackberry OS

Combined Representative: Blackberry Torch

pluses: Blackberry has long been the smartphone of choice for business people and their basic skills were maintained the strength and speed of your mail client, which simply blows away all competition. If you need email addresses (and not the most Blackberry models, excellent physical keyboard) express the Blackberry is available.

minuses: operating system updates, thanks to the operator, and some teams get stuck in over time. The excellent e-mail service is part of a specific service paid, which (according to the company) may not be the most profitable for your e-mail. The library of applications, the devices largely focused on productivity, although this has gradually changed as more consumers become brand BlackBerry.

Windows Phone 7

Combined Representative: Samsung Omnia 7

pluses: Windows 7 Phone "tiles" agreement is one of the simplest versions of visual Smartphone platform, very easy to learn and use. Xbox Live is the integration into the crowd of games and applications built market, while small, is growing rapidly.

minuses: It is a relative dearth of phone options available, although this would go with the Nokia recently changes to the declaration of the shock to begin the construction of smart phones to do with Windows Mobile 7 So far, existing models from HTC, LG and Samsung, the full path to the upgrade of the operating system is very clear, even patches to date have had a rocky history. As of this writing, cut and paste functionality was not still present, although in the "coming soon" when it promised to launched.


Combined Representative: HTC Desire HD

pluses: Google`s "open " Smartphone OS is fast on the mobile phone manufacturers almost everywhere (with the exception of Apple and Nokia) obsolete. This gives you a wide selection of phones and prices, and a variety of functions. Custom applications of Google Search and Gmail Android basic public services are incredibly fast, and growing application market. Applications as a live widget displays a continuously updated information to act.

minuses: The variety of mobile phones can cause some applications to behave abnormally, especially not in application development rigidly controlled as Apple or Microsoft. If appearing at all - can update the system software before installing the support it received, which can lead to delays in obtaining the latest version of Android smartphone will be approved.

For any of these platforms is certainly useful to see a test on a cell phone shop, not only what we have to meet your needs, but also how it to your phone style. Some users prefer the whole configuration of the touch screen iPhone and most Android models, while others for the keyboards on most BlackBerry models.

Mar 25, 2011

NVIDIA Launches GeForce® GTX® 590 World Fastest Graphics Card

NVIDIA yesterday announced the launch of the GeForce ® GTX® 590, the quietest dual-graphics card, which also happens to be the fastest in the world. The GTX 590 Nvidia with two Fermi ™ class on a single card operated, designed for über enthusiasts and those on the construction of the platform for PC game.

The graphics card has combined a 1024 NVIDIA CUDA® architecture cores, 3 GB of GDDR5 memory, 6 billion transistors and more than 2,200 components, all in the 11-inch Dual slot card offers the GTX 590 delivers a staggering 32 tessellation engines that can power today's cutting edge DX11 games at resolutions of 2560x1600 and higher.

NVIDIA has developed the GTX 590, to be quietest in the world of dual-GPU. It has a special cooling system and dual vapor chambers which deliver both astounding performance and great sound. Measured with a decibel meter tester, the 590 GTX clocks to 48 dB, more than twice as quiet as the best product in competition with full graphics capabilities. For the human ear, this means that the difference GTX 590 A 3D gaming experience that offers typical of a quiet library. In comparison, the competing product is more comparable to a busy freeway.

"The GTX 590 is the best dual-GPU ever built, " Drew Henry, general manager of GeForce GPU Business at NVIDIA. "after using one of the leading performance, multi-monitor support for 3D gaming, Quad SLI technology and the strong demand how quiet it is heard, the 590 GTX summarizes what a dual graphics card is perfect."

NVIDIA is a provider of visual computing technologies and the inventor of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The company's products are designed to display graphics on workstations, personal computers produce, game consoles and mobile devices. NVIDIA serves the entertainment and consumer market with GeForce® products, the professional design and visualization market with Quadro products, the computing market with Tesla computing solutions and mobile computing market with Tegra system on Chip products. NVIDIA is working in four operating segments most important product line: the GPU Business, the professional solutions business (PSB), media and communications processor (MCP), business and consumer products business (CPB). Activities of the company consists mainly of the GeForce GPU products, composed the support desktop and notebook personal. Its PSB from NVIDIA Quadro professional workstation.

Mar 20, 2011

Intel processor launch 10-core Xeon in half 2011

The recognized provider of chips, Intel has recently announced that the 10-core "Westmere-EX "Xeon is available before the end of the first half of 2011.

The chip will be the next successor to the fastest server processor from Intel, the Nehalem-EX which has eight cores, and was published in 2010.

Intel will use 32nm process technology to construct the 10-core "Westmere-EX" Xeon processor. It should be noted that the current chip Nehalem-EX is designed with the processing of 45-nm technology.

A spokesman for the chip manufacturer, said the next target high-end servers in data centers, large databases and other application needs.

The spokesman also said the systems Westmere EX chips is two socket supports up to 2 TB memory. new technologies help users update the server processors.

Meanwhile, Intel's main rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is preparing a new Bulldozer architecture-based 16-core (code-named Interlagos) start in the third quarter of this year.

Mar 17, 2011

Android can surf the Web faster than iPhone

According to the results of an independent testing new Android 2.3 is capable of loading web pages faster than 52% of iPhone IOS 4.3.

Blaze Software conducted thousands of field tests to determine the speed and reliability of navigation on mobile Internet - a total of 45,000 tests - including Google iPhone Nexus S and 4 updated with the latest information about iPhone software. The tests were carried out with the respective phone integrated into the browser.

Sites stress test repeated in the Fortune Top 1000 sites are involved, via Wi-Fi and 3G. These sites are loaded 84% faster Android.

A lof of focus on the right side of the 4G mobile industry and now the company to get in a position to the fastest browsing experience on the Web. But many of them also has to do with the hardware. Neither S nor the iPhone 4G Nexus 4 in a position, but both on the same 3G network data. These results suggest that the phone even more important than the company you choose.

The study showed that when a site is optimized for mobile use, the iPhone also responding. The sites charge 39% faster than standard web sites on the iPhone. In Android, mobile sites for loading of 8% faster than standard websites optimized, but because he has already instructed the normal ranges very quickly.

There is also some doubt whether the browser is involved in the integrated browser, Android, is designed specifically for the mobile environment. Although Google has it as "Chrome Lite" is a product designed specifically for Android phones.

The iPhone, however, are using a browser that is much more similar to their Apple computer counterparts. Mobile Safari browser uses the power of more than the Android browser, may have an impact on website load times.

Mar 15, 2011

HP computer will soon have webOS in 2012

In 2012, every HP computer, still using the Windows operating system de facto, but if you are curious can start with the newly acquired platform webOS HP.

The company still has much to do, when to try the plans, including webOS a viable competitor to Android, IOS and Windows phone 7 It was about taking the tablets and smartphones on the market with the operating system largely unknown, but most of those plans have fallen through the measure.

HP bought Palm for 1.2 billion dollars and we are still waiting to see what really came of this Agreement. HP is one of the largest manufacturers in the computer before the offer and continues today. The motivating factor behind the acquisition of Palm seems to be a desire to enter the mobile phone.

But it proved extremely difficult. How HP can in a market where competing super heavyweights such as Research in Motion and Nokia are dying? Even Microsoft, which has invested significant resources in moving a new initiative that has made ​​hardly a dent.

It seems that HP is a return to his bread and butter - But it proved extremely difficult. How HP can in a market where competing super heavyweights such as Research in Motion and Nokia to die? Even Microsoft, which has invested significant resources in moving a new initiative that has made ​​hardly a dent.

It seems that HP is a return to his bread and butter - webOS to use - computers. Since 2012, he said, each of your computers can dual-boot between Windows and webOS. Since 2012, he said, each of your computers can dual-boot between Windows and webOS.

Whether to do anything for the moving platform, but most PC users would probably have little value in the position to another operating system on which Windows is already running.

In other words, HP is trying desperately to justify the purchase of Palm, and only the last step of this mission.

Intel announces Thunderbolt Technology, The Fastest connection to Your PC data

12. March 2011 - "amazingly fast data transfer combined with the HD display connectivity for new devices and applications, " says a report published in the MSN technology column.

Intel Corporation today announced the availability of Thunderbolt Technology, a new PC technology, high-speed connection, high-speed data transfer and high definition (HD) in a single cable offers. Running at 10GP, can Ray technology transfer a full length HD movie in less than 30 seconds!

Intel developed the technology to market through technical cooperation with Apple and is the first time in the new MacBook Pro line of Apple laptops available.

Mar 9, 2011

Chinese Government Hackers Gone Wild

Hackers from China cause a number of recent bomb attacks thathave taken the government websites and businesses throughout the Western world.
In France, the Ministry of Finance was forced to 10,000 computers erupted after an attack near "spectacular" Cyber. French officialssaid that the infiltration of the target group of related files 20 (G20)developed and developing countries led by France this year

In South Korea, the Chinese experts have now managed computer on the top-secret government plan access last year in American-made Global Hawk unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. In addition, beat other cyber-attack the computers of the presidential Blue House, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the National Intelligence Service, South Korea military headquarters of the U.S. military in the country and several other agencies. The second attack was not immediately attributed to Chinese hackers.

Finally, a malware such as "The Night of the Dragon", which originated in China two years ago made the attacks, the five Western oil, gas and petrochemical industries targeted known. Infiltration made in the theft of personal information on the contracts, oil installations and gas field operations and software for managing and monitoring of the site.

AMD introduces world's fastest graphics card

AMD has announced the launch of the world's fastest graphics card, the Radeon ™ HD 6990, packing both raw power, he delivered a new video card world record score of P11865 in the standard industry reference 1 3DMark11. AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards are available immediately worldwide at retail.

Designed for the player to power graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 6990 AMD Second-generation architecture of Microsoft DirectX ® 11 capability, provides enhanced image quality of the best games they want and to enable AMD technology, intelligent PowerTune clock rates and faster Game. The AMD Radeon HD 6990 HD delivers the ultimate in immersive gaming and computer science with native support for up to five screens with AMD Eyefinity multi-screen display with six possible with DisplayPort 1.2 Components available to buy more support later this year3 The AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards feature a dual-BIOS switch so that the player to unlock the cards and fans turn on clocks and voltages of more performance.4 Finally, AMD HD3D Advanced Stereoscopic 3D gaming and movies with HDMI 1.4a support.5

"Packing more performance all the raw consumer graphics card ever created, the AMD Radeon HD 6990 is the ultimate benefit of the final offers, " said Matt Skynner, vice president and general manager of AMD GPU sharing. "With AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology, power management and HD3D PowerTune AMD, this letter is so powerful that it can even the most demanding ultra-enthusiastic."

Leading the second generation graphics with DirectX 11 capable of Technology

  • New AMD PowerTune: Designed to make an intelligent energy management in real time, AMD AMD Radeon HD 6990 PowerTune can automatically higher clock speeds and improved performance in the most popular games.
  • Increasing the memory of better image quality: With 4 GB of memory GDDR5 high-speed, players can enjoy the same detail in your favorite games, including up to five screens.
  • The Ultimate Visual Experience ™: As the most advanced AMD GPU DirectX ® 11 capable AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics processors also provide a unique gaming experience in DirectX ® 9, DirectX ® 10 DirectX ® 10.1 and OpenGL on a map or maps AMD CrossFire ™ configurations.
  • Improved image quality: anti-aliasing capabilities can significantly improve image quality and intensely realistic games. Increase the quality of the anti-aliasing (EQAA), a new sampling technique used to improve the visual quality, while morphological anti-aliasing (MLAA) used acceleration DirectCompute to offer anti-aliasing in any DirectX ® 9, DirectX ® 10 and DirectX ® 11 applications.

Intense gaming experience with AMD technology and Eyefinity Display Options

  • Simple, affordable and flexible multi-display technology, AMD Eyefinity: To offer a wider field of vision, remains more immersion, AMD Eyefinity solution of the best multi-screen market, with dozens of possible configurations of up to five displays simultaneously 0.2 New AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics processor is the ability to configure up to five screens in portrait mode. Make innovative technology more affordable and more accessible than ever before, AMD validated and ready Eyefinity test program ensures that the customer examined in multi-screen experience with over 70 titles with an AMD validated Eyefinity more quality assurance and interoperability. Continued market leadership in multi-display computer: AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards support element for both DisplayPort and HDMI 1.2 1.4a functionality, giving fans an incredible multi-monitor settings, flexibility in the selection screen and new audio features DisplayPort

Applications faster and brighter with AMD EyeSpeed video technology

  • AMD EyeSpeed visual acceleration you can do better and faster: The use of the exceptional performance of the AMD Radeon HD 6990, fans have a clearer video and more dynamic, as well as improved performance and new features in the media and entertainment applications, the productivity can enjoy high-quality AMD EyeSpeed technology .7
  • awesome computing power: The mainstay of the IEEE 754 double precision floating point operations, is the AMD Radeon HD 6990, to dominate the work load of supercomputing.
  • Improves image quality features: AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards based Unified Video decoder 3 (UVD3), an accelerator dedicated to helping video playback users get the most out of HD video, online video and Blu-ray Disc ™ 3D, and enjoy a wide range of Improvements in video quality and advanced post-production and expansion, improved dynamic contrast, color correction and more.
  • 3D Entertainment HD3D AMD: AMD continues to be a choice and affordable solutions using 3D Radeon HD 6990 graphics card with AMD HD3D, free initiative from AMD for 3D games and have supported 3D stereo movies.3,

Mar 8, 2011

UF rivals fastest supercomputer in the world

He could not have got a shout-out of President Obama, but UF supercomputer, the Novo-G can be found certain things better than the supercomputer so in China.

Chinese Tianhe-1A was called "the best computer in the world"for Obama State of the Union. But the number one thing is relative, "said Herman Lam, professor of electrical engineering and computer science UF.

"It all depends on how you vote, " he said. "There is a kind of saying, "This is the best ".

Novo UF-G was not included in the TOP500 list of supercomputers International, a list of the world's fastest processors because the Chinese team is using the computer UF a different kind.

Novo-G, which means "green" is smaller and uses much less energy than other supercomputers, "said Lam. This is the computer of choice for space satellites.

What does Novo-G is different chips are used.

Lam said that engineers can use the material will not be on the way data is calculated reverse change, adapt.

Different chips allow large amounts of data are processed on a smaller computer, so it is a better fit for satellites, "he said.

Supercomputer with the interior of the satellite will not send large amounts of raw data to supercomputers on Earth. You can process the information themselves and get the results. Novo-G is also faster in DNA processing.

UF super computer can not perform some operations faster than China, but it is compact and other transactions with the same speed to make.

In a time, the U.S. and China in order to compete which country remain at the top, Lam said that supercomputers are not competitive.

But, as both teams were designed for different things, both teams have their strengths.

"For some things, yes, we can do much better, " he said

Hackers steal information from the French Ministry of Finance

Hackers have attacked and infiltrated some 150 computers at the French Finance Ministry, the theft of sensitive information relating to the direction of the Group of 20 economic groups.

Budget Minister Francois Baroin said on Monday that the attack was "spectacular" Cyber began in December and only the data related to G-20-related data, not personal documents or tax records.

Head of the network in France, Patrick Pailloux told local media that the piracy is done by professionals and was the biggest cyber attack in history against the French government.

France took over the rotating presidency of the G-20 November 2010. The G20 brings together the leading banks worldwide advanced and emerging economies, promote global financial stability

Mar 7, 2011

Air Force Research Laboratory, the supercomputer "Raptor "

The Air Force Research Laboratory Super Computing Resource Center organized a ceremony officially known, the new supercomputer. XE6 Cray system, called "Raptor"to Air Force F-22 fighter, has the distinction of being the largest supercomputers in the Department of Defense.

The machine has 43 712-core 2.4GHz AMD Magny Cours team, 87.7 terabytes of memory and 1.6 petabytes of usable storage space provided. Gemini Cray interconnect technology enables the computer processor at speeds of up to 16 gigabytes per second to communicate. The cabinets are controlled by temperature ECOphlex liquid cooling technology that reduces energy costs.

Raptor has a crucial role in AFRL researchers to carry out its mission. Advanced promote leader in the discovery, development and integration of military technology available to the capabilities of U.S. forces in the air system processing power for the next generation of weapon systems design and other design concepts.

The Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program meet to monitor access to the Raptor HPC to the needs of defense science and technology.

Mar 6, 2011

enhance character of the human computer usability

Information provided by Binghamton University - Published: 2011-03-05

"Our research in computer graphics and computer vision, it is easier to use computers, " said the scientist, the team from the University of Binghamton. "Can we find a comfortable, intuitive and intelligent computer? It should feel like you're talking to a friend. It could also help disabled people use computers like everyone else."

Yin-team opportunities, information on the computer on the basis that the user is looking to provide and through gestures or language development. One of the main challenges in this area is computer vision. This is how a simple web-camera that the human eye? Then the camera captured data to a real world object is to be understood? This data is used to "see" to "understand" the user wants to do the user?

In part this is already possible. Witnessed one of the graduates Yin are a PowerPoint presentation and only with their eyes, reveal the contents of several pages. If Yin this technology, the experts of the Air Force demonstrated last year, the only material that it was a webcam on a laptop.

emotional state. He works with six established basic emotions - anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise - and experiment with different ways to allow the computer to distinguish between them. Is there enough data about how the lines to change the eyes? Could focus on the user's mouth, give plenty of clues? What if the user's face is only partly visible, maybe a page?

"Computers only understand zeroes and ones," Yin says. "Everything is about patterns. We want to find out how to recognize each emotion using only the most important features."

Is related to the Binghamton University psychologist Peter Gerhard stone paths on this work could benefit from exploring children with autism. Many people with autism have difficulty reading the emotions of others, therapists sometimes understand photographs of people to teach children when they are happy or sad, and so on are. Yin could produce not only photos but the three-dimensional avatars that is capable of a range of emotions. As the photos you have, could even produce the avatars of the Yin people of the family of a child for use in such therapy.

Yin and Gerhard Stein previous collaboration, the creation of a database of facial expression in 3D, 100 patients out of 2,500 models of facial expression includes. The database is freely available for research non-profit community and has become a world reference for work on projects in areas such as biomedicine law enforcement authorities and computer science.

Yin once in human-computer interaction, which was naturally interested and more excited by the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

"We are not just a virtual model of person, we understand the feelings and emotions of real people, " said Yin. "We want the computer to understand how you feel. It is difficult, even more than my other work."

Imagine, if a computer can understand when people are in pain. Some may ask a doctor for help. However, others - young children, for example - may not be able to speak or not speak for any reason. Yin would like an algorithm that a computer to determine whether someone in pain is based solely on a photograph develop allowed.

Yin describes the use of health care, and almost immediately, said the same system in order to identify the pain can also be used to determine when someone is lying are. Maybe a computer could provide as Tim Roth's character, Dr. Cal Lightman, in the TV show Lie to Me Enlighten The protagonist is a psychologist with experience in the surveillance of deception, is often associated with law enforcement authorities.

"This technology, " Yin said, "we could help shape the team for the analysis of facial recognition, instead of experts. "

Lijun Yin, associate professor of computer science and director of the Computer Graphics and Image Processing Laboratory, he joined the faculty of Binghamton University in 2001. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta in 2000 after receiving a BA and an MA in Chinese schools. His work was supported by the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Research Laboratory and the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research.

Made in China: the world's fastest computer

A scientific research center in China has built the fastest supercomputer ever and replaced the U.S. as a manufacturer of the machine faster, and praise for the rights of China as a superpower technology.

The team, as 1A, Tianhe is known, has 1.4 times the performance of the current team in a National Laboratory in Tennessee, as the standard test to measure to measure how well systems handle mathematical calculations, "said Jack Dongarra Computer Science at the University of Tennessee who maintains the official ranking of supercomputers.

Although the official list of the 500 fastest machines, which is published every six months, must be completed by Mr

Dongarra until next week, said the Chinese team "crushed the current No. 1 machine."

He added: "We will not close until Nov.1 books, but I would say it is unlikely that a system that is faster to see."

Officials from the China Center for Research, National University of Defense Technology, should be the team's performance on Thursday at a conference in Beijing.

We focus affirm its interest "in the context of the dual supervision of the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Education."

The race for the interest supercomputer fastest source of national pride that solve these machines to evaluate their capacity to pay of the critical problems paying citizens by means intérêts IN domains examined as defense, energy, finance and science are combined.

Supercomputing technology found its place in the heart of the business, oil companies and use it to find gas tanks and Wall Street brokers use to automated processes super quick.

In the last ten years, the Chinese in the ranking of supercomputers have risen.

What is the world's fastest computer?

Let's start with the team sitting on your desk - the material in the day to surf the Internet have used to manage tables, creating documents, etc. Most people have something like a Pentium computer with Windows or Macintosh. A team like this can execute 100 million instructions per second. The special equipment can be twice as fast as the speed or the half.

Fastest computer in the world is much faster than that and is just across the shoulders! The human brain is an amazing computing device and the fastest at this time. Let me give you an example:

your computer starts up to the point where he "understand "one, and take dictation speech, words get in written words. You can include a speaker, you has form for about 20 minutes and the dictation still many mistakes. So 100 to process millions of instructions per second can hardly dictate.

The brain may, however, any number of speakers. He did not need training, and made no mistakes. It may even be able to understand multiple languages! And language processing part of the brain is only a small part of the whole package - the brain also process complex visual images, you control your entire body, understand design issues and new ideas. Your brain consists of around one trillion cells with 100 trillion connections between the cells. We have a rough estimate and say that you just go, 10 billion instructions per second, but it is really hard to say.

In the 2006, the ranks of supercomputing speed are the three supercomputers:

1. IBM's BlueGene/L - 360 teraflops
2. IBM's BGW - 115 teraflops
3. IBM's ASC Purple - 93 teraflops

Another supercomputer called MDGrape-3, made by Riken Japanese company, has a theoretical top speed of 1 petaflop (1 guadrillion operations per second), which is three times faster than BlueGene / L MDGrape-3 do not run, however, the official software for the classification, such as Blue Gene / L is at the top of the list with 360 trillion operations per second, which is kept fairly quickly ... but still not as fast as your brain.

Mar 5, 2011

Tablet PCs to change the way we work

The release of IPAD a year ago caused a sensation in the vast world of online connectivity and mobile computing. Since then, nearly 20 million people bought an IPAD or one of its many rivals and sales of Tablet PC with a wide range of manufacturers to continue as new models and improvements to increase available. Not surprisingly, the tablets are popular: They are light, easy to carry, easy to use, cool and most importantly.

But not only consumers who realize the benefits of using the Tablet PC. Companies are also beginning to use to buy their employees at work, and inform many professionals and managers to be a valuable tool for the economy. Some companies are replacing portable computers for their employees with pills, while other portable devices for use in conjunction with desktop and notebook computers

With an increasing number of applications and development programs, ranging from work-related use of the tablets - and the variety of professional positions in which they can use - is growing all the time. With pills in hand, you can all industries, companies time and money saved from greater access to real-time information they can make decisions faster and more accurately. Portability and robustness of a Tablet PC, and the relative ease of introducing a flat-screen commands instead of a laptop keyboard and open effort also articulated a number of new applications for mobile users.

For example, engineers and surveyors, a tablet on the site without having to worry that might be affected by some soil to unlock and use it to store, transmit and receive data, estimates and photographs. One tablet is small enough to fit in a pocket and hold in your hand, but large enough to use comfortably. A doctor can do a Tablet PC on the road and use it to obtain immediate information on drug interactions, and differences in the diagnosis and show images from MRI and CT and the treatment used to make quick decisions. Responsible for the supply chain are increasingly also access the Tablet PC in the data real-time inventory and order, so they can see exactly what needs to be moved, when, without having to go to a terminal.

Although IPAD was the first pill, a real impact on the market, and still tops the list in terms of market share, now there are many competing models to choose from. Other manufacturers make their shelves or in the Android operating system Windows 7, with other platforms in development. This helps attract business buyers hesitated to their computers, Apple added the tails, because their existing systems with Windows or Linux

It is also good news for small businesses that want to see their balances, as some - but not all - of the new crop of tablets from now very affordable. This is particularly true for the Tablet PC more sophisticated imported directly from China and sold online at wholesale prices. With very different designs available and a specialist in software for the growing use development, many companies, the mobile computing system in 2011 is forecast to around a quarter of the 56 million tablets sold this year must be purchased corporate buyers.

Mar 4, 2011

2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Mobile Processor Extreme Edition

The 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 mobile processor Extreme Edition offers the world's fastest visibly smart processor for laptops.

Intel Core i7 is an Intel brand name for several families of desktop and laptop 64-bit x86-64 processors using the Nehalem, Westmere, and Sandy Bridge microarchitectures. The Core i7 brand is targeted at the business and high-end consumer markets for both desktop and laptop computers.

The Core i7 identifier was first applied to the initial family of processors codenamed Bloomfield introduced in 2008. In 2009 the name was applied to Lynnfield and Clarksfield models. Prior to 2010, all models were quad-core processors. In 2010, the name was applied to dual-core Arrandale models, and the Gulftown Core i7-980X Extreme processor which has six hyperthreaded cores. In January 2011, Intel released a line of Sandy Bridge based chips under the Core i7 brand.

Intel representatives stated that the moniker Core i7 is meant to help consumers decide which processor to purchase as the newer Nehalem-based products are released in the future.The name continues the use of the Intel Core brand. The first Core i7 was officially launched on November 17, 2008.

With 2nd generation Intel Core i7 mobile processor Extreme Edition, you get the following features built in:

  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 dynamically increases the processors frequency as needed by taking advantage of thermal and power headroom when operating below specified limits.
  • Intel® HT Technology allows each core of your processor to work on two tasks at the same time.
  • Intel® HD Graphics 3000 delivers built-in performance for casual and mainstream gaming with no extra graphics hardware needed.
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Mar 3, 2011

12 tips for laptop batteries have a longer life

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory to provide suggestions for laptop batteries have a longer life. The suggestions include the following :

1. For use at home, remove the battery from the laptop, use the power directly from a plug adapter to the mains. Battery life for mobile purposes only.

2. When the battery is full, you should remove the adapter to charge the battery. Using the battery (dis-charger) or charge the battery (re-charge) will shorten battery life. Both treatments were going to spend a shorter battery life. If one step can be maintained, then the lifetime of the battery will last longer.

3. Hot temperatures also disrupt the ability of the battery. Facing the temperature is too hot will aggravate the battery life itself. It is recommended not to skip limit of 15 degrees from room temperature. Not surprisingly, in a tropical country, the battery has a lower resistance. Better to use an additional fan for the laptop when frequently used in a long time. Same as other electronic equipment, your laptop operate more efficiently if it is kept cool.

4. Get rid of External Tools - Get rid of or turn off the USB when not in use.

5. Dim your screen - The light of your screen, the more energy required. If you can not work with a dim, at least make it automatically becomes more dim when not in use.

6. Do not use the CD / DVD drive - Hard drives consume much energy, but the CD / DVD drives consume more. Try to store information on your hard drive and use it from there.

7. Do not use WiFi or Bluetooth - As with external devices, WiFi and Bluetooth consumes much energy. Turn off when not in use, then work your laptop will be lighter.

8. Do not do Multitasking - Try to do one thing every time when you rely on batteries. As more applications are run, the greater the burden of your laptop. Close unneeded programs - more programs that are running, the more weight your laptop to work. Close the program - a program that is not needed (printer manager, Itunes, Internet, etc.).

9. Hibernate, not Standby - Standby reduce energy use, but not as much as hibernation which makes the energy consumption to zero when not active.

10. Do not play games - If you do not have a job to do, avoid playing games or watching DVDs. This activity uses more energy than open the email or using a word processor.

11. Batteries that are rarely used should not be left idle for a long time. Try to use your battery once a month for your battery does not lose its capacity.

12. Do not let your laptop battery is open to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. Store in a dry and cool.

Mar 1, 2011

5 Tips To Speed Up Your Computer

There are a number of choices to make your slow computer work efficient and fast. In this article, I will provide you with the most effective proven tips and techniques to improve slow computer performance and boost its effectiveness.

1. Do a clean up activity on your hard drive. Spend some time to get rid of useless documents and text. Search your hard drive and delete everything that has no use for you. Do erase all temporary files and cookies from your windows system. Locate the Tools option on your browser, then click Internet selections and then choose the General menu where you need to click the Erase all cookies button.

2. Review your documents and files. Eliminate all the unnecessary and unused files because they only jam your computer's system. Delete the files that you simply no longer need in order to considerably improve the speed of your computer. To achieve this, find the remove Programs button on your Control Panel and then remove all the unwanted programs.

3. Verify the space available in your RAM. You first need to know the size of the RAM or virtual memory. If the size of your virtual memory is small, then it is better for you to run only one program at the a time.

4. Perform a system defragmentation. To be able to do this you have to go to My Laptop or computer, click the Local Disk and find the Tools button and follow the guide.

5. Constantly check and clean your registry. A pc problem frequently occurs when you get registry errors affecting the computer's performance. A registry cleaning software program from a reputable company is the perfect solution for you to speed up your computer overall performance.

The combination of one or more of these steps will ensure a highly efficient personal computer. The most important among these is cleaning your registry since it is mainly responsible for the high performance of your computer. Therefore, Get a rated registry cleaning software and combine the above mentioned steps to have the ability to speed up your slow computer performance.