Mar 31, 2011

New Smartphones Review, Apple, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and Android

If you are in the market for a new phone, you have two options. Buy it directly, or a phone on a plan. If you buy a complete smartphone, you have to try to find between $ 500 - $ 1000 in your pocket, there are models that are cheaper and more expensive than that, but it is a reasonable average over the most popular models. Therefore, the contracts make very much sense. Not only the cost of switching devices in the longer term, you also get the lowest generously supplied rate calls and data over most pre-paid Tariffs in a phone you have.

The problem is that most contracts smartphone costs more or less the same, independently decide on the phone model you are. Points of entry are down nearly two dollars, but it is usually the phones fell last year to the door while you are still stocks. Fifty to seventy dollars per month, you can use the phone of their choice, including top models. It is easy enough to test the physical configuration of a telephone decision, but what about the software side? With so many ways, the smartphone operating system, do you go for? Here is a brief summary of the platforms of the leading smartphones and their pluses and minuses.

Apple iOS

Representative Phone: iPhone 4

pluses: The largest market for all the smartphone applications, hands down, IOS is a lot more flexibility in what can be done with it, especially in the field of entertainment applications. The fixed hardware platform - essentially almost obsolete iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iphone 4 - also means that all applications work optimally with mobile phones. IOS updates are planned and not subject to the approval of shareholders, it is usually a bit faster than competing platforms.

minuses: Apple controls the IOS environment with a steel glove, some people do not like, some applications will not be approved for IOS in a row. Also, there is no such thing as a "live" shows iOS Twitter feeds application, weather, or the like. Everything is based on the hard drive icons

Blackberry OS

Combined Representative: Blackberry Torch

pluses: Blackberry has long been the smartphone of choice for business people and their basic skills were maintained the strength and speed of your mail client, which simply blows away all competition. If you need email addresses (and not the most Blackberry models, excellent physical keyboard) express the Blackberry is available.

minuses: operating system updates, thanks to the operator, and some teams get stuck in over time. The excellent e-mail service is part of a specific service paid, which (according to the company) may not be the most profitable for your e-mail. The library of applications, the devices largely focused on productivity, although this has gradually changed as more consumers become brand BlackBerry.

Windows Phone 7

Combined Representative: Samsung Omnia 7

pluses: Windows 7 Phone "tiles" agreement is one of the simplest versions of visual Smartphone platform, very easy to learn and use. Xbox Live is the integration into the crowd of games and applications built market, while small, is growing rapidly.

minuses: It is a relative dearth of phone options available, although this would go with the Nokia recently changes to the declaration of the shock to begin the construction of smart phones to do with Windows Mobile 7 So far, existing models from HTC, LG and Samsung, the full path to the upgrade of the operating system is very clear, even patches to date have had a rocky history. As of this writing, cut and paste functionality was not still present, although in the "coming soon" when it promised to launched.


Combined Representative: HTC Desire HD

pluses: Google`s "open " Smartphone OS is fast on the mobile phone manufacturers almost everywhere (with the exception of Apple and Nokia) obsolete. This gives you a wide selection of phones and prices, and a variety of functions. Custom applications of Google Search and Gmail Android basic public services are incredibly fast, and growing application market. Applications as a live widget displays a continuously updated information to act.

minuses: The variety of mobile phones can cause some applications to behave abnormally, especially not in application development rigidly controlled as Apple or Microsoft. If appearing at all - can update the system software before installing the support it received, which can lead to delays in obtaining the latest version of Android smartphone will be approved.

For any of these platforms is certainly useful to see a test on a cell phone shop, not only what we have to meet your needs, but also how it to your phone style. Some users prefer the whole configuration of the touch screen iPhone and most Android models, while others for the keyboards on most BlackBerry models.