Mar 3, 2011

12 tips for laptop batteries have a longer life

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory to provide suggestions for laptop batteries have a longer life. The suggestions include the following :

1. For use at home, remove the battery from the laptop, use the power directly from a plug adapter to the mains. Battery life for mobile purposes only.

2. When the battery is full, you should remove the adapter to charge the battery. Using the battery (dis-charger) or charge the battery (re-charge) will shorten battery life. Both treatments were going to spend a shorter battery life. If one step can be maintained, then the lifetime of the battery will last longer.

3. Hot temperatures also disrupt the ability of the battery. Facing the temperature is too hot will aggravate the battery life itself. It is recommended not to skip limit of 15 degrees from room temperature. Not surprisingly, in a tropical country, the battery has a lower resistance. Better to use an additional fan for the laptop when frequently used in a long time. Same as other electronic equipment, your laptop operate more efficiently if it is kept cool.

4. Get rid of External Tools - Get rid of or turn off the USB when not in use.

5. Dim your screen - The light of your screen, the more energy required. If you can not work with a dim, at least make it automatically becomes more dim when not in use.

6. Do not use the CD / DVD drive - Hard drives consume much energy, but the CD / DVD drives consume more. Try to store information on your hard drive and use it from there.

7. Do not use WiFi or Bluetooth - As with external devices, WiFi and Bluetooth consumes much energy. Turn off when not in use, then work your laptop will be lighter.

8. Do not do Multitasking - Try to do one thing every time when you rely on batteries. As more applications are run, the greater the burden of your laptop. Close unneeded programs - more programs that are running, the more weight your laptop to work. Close the program - a program that is not needed (printer manager, Itunes, Internet, etc.).

9. Hibernate, not Standby - Standby reduce energy use, but not as much as hibernation which makes the energy consumption to zero when not active.

10. Do not play games - If you do not have a job to do, avoid playing games or watching DVDs. This activity uses more energy than open the email or using a word processor.

11. Batteries that are rarely used should not be left idle for a long time. Try to use your battery once a month for your battery does not lose its capacity.

12. Do not let your laptop battery is open to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. Store in a dry and cool.