Mar 5, 2011

Tablet PCs to change the way we work

The release of IPAD a year ago caused a sensation in the vast world of online connectivity and mobile computing. Since then, nearly 20 million people bought an IPAD or one of its many rivals and sales of Tablet PC with a wide range of manufacturers to continue as new models and improvements to increase available. Not surprisingly, the tablets are popular: They are light, easy to carry, easy to use, cool and most importantly.

But not only consumers who realize the benefits of using the Tablet PC. Companies are also beginning to use to buy their employees at work, and inform many professionals and managers to be a valuable tool for the economy. Some companies are replacing portable computers for their employees with pills, while other portable devices for use in conjunction with desktop and notebook computers

With an increasing number of applications and development programs, ranging from work-related use of the tablets - and the variety of professional positions in which they can use - is growing all the time. With pills in hand, you can all industries, companies time and money saved from greater access to real-time information they can make decisions faster and more accurately. Portability and robustness of a Tablet PC, and the relative ease of introducing a flat-screen commands instead of a laptop keyboard and open effort also articulated a number of new applications for mobile users.

For example, engineers and surveyors, a tablet on the site without having to worry that might be affected by some soil to unlock and use it to store, transmit and receive data, estimates and photographs. One tablet is small enough to fit in a pocket and hold in your hand, but large enough to use comfortably. A doctor can do a Tablet PC on the road and use it to obtain immediate information on drug interactions, and differences in the diagnosis and show images from MRI and CT and the treatment used to make quick decisions. Responsible for the supply chain are increasingly also access the Tablet PC in the data real-time inventory and order, so they can see exactly what needs to be moved, when, without having to go to a terminal.

Although IPAD was the first pill, a real impact on the market, and still tops the list in terms of market share, now there are many competing models to choose from. Other manufacturers make their shelves or in the Android operating system Windows 7, with other platforms in development. This helps attract business buyers hesitated to their computers, Apple added the tails, because their existing systems with Windows or Linux

It is also good news for small businesses that want to see their balances, as some - but not all - of the new crop of tablets from now very affordable. This is particularly true for the Tablet PC more sophisticated imported directly from China and sold online at wholesale prices. With very different designs available and a specialist in software for the growing use development, many companies, the mobile computing system in 2011 is forecast to around a quarter of the 56 million tablets sold this year must be purchased corporate buyers.