Aug 23, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook 3D with 17.3in display

Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook PC is equipped with a AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB GDDR5 graphics card that has an advanced architecture for video quality and performance. It has full support for DirectX 11 so it delivers visually impressive games, as well as improved performance when viewing websites and using everyday applications.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook PC It comes equipped with a 17.3in Superbright HD 3D display working at 120Hz, with Bluetooth-enabled active shuttering 3D glasses for a smooth and clear 3D experience.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook PC performance settings accommodate different situations so when in 'Gaming' mode, for example, CPU performance is maximised, the turbo cooling system operates at 100 per cent fan speed and the touch pad is turned off to avoid any disturbances while in action.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook PC will be the first to officially license ExpressCache for use in an OEM system.“With the Series Seven GAMER we’ve supplied a notebook Desktop Computer offering the final performance and marvelous gaming features,” said Kyuho Uhm, Senior Vice President of the IT Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics. “The market for focuses gaming goods is ultimately discerning, so it is a challenge to supply a gaming notebook Desktop Computer that could rival with desktop PCs. In Contempt Of whole lot of the challenges, we’ve made a production of the highest standard that appeals straight to gamers” real infatuations, which could be met at the turn of a dial to supply most favorable performance for a wide range of diverse actions.”

"With the Series 7 GAMER we have delivered a notebook that can compete with a desktop PC, and that sets the benchmark for gaming notebooks," said Damian Cusick, GM of Computing at Samsung for the UK and Ireland. "The Series 7 is packed with features that specifically meet the demands of serious gamers, and with its four optimisation modes, can deliver optimum performance for a wide variety of different activities, at the turn of a dial."

Visually, you're dealing with Full HD and 3D playback on a 17.3-inch display, and there's also 3D surround sound tech on board too with Dolby Home Theater. Samsung wants you to get your game on with its Series 7 Gamer and is available in the UK from PC World, Amazon, John Lewis and dedicated gaming PC specialists for £1,499. ยต