Apr 5, 2011

AMD Llano The A-Series

“The serial and powerful parallel processing capability of the Llano APU has the potential to make OEMs and consumers re-think their computing experience,” said Chris Cloran, corporate vice president and general manager, client division, AMD. “The experience potential of Llano is truly incredible, and the demos we showed today on stage provide a glimpse of what this processor is capable of delivering in sleek form factors with long battery life. Everything consumers love about their digital lifestyles today – social networking, gaming, consuming and creating media – can be enhanced with Llano, enabling a more interactive, vivid and immersive experience.”

AMD is already shipping in the C-series (code-named Ontario) and the E-series (code-named Zacate) APUs is the new Fusion lineup, which includes multiple x86 cores and discrete graphics-level DirectX 11 in the same piece of silicon . But these two low power parts for smaller netbooks, ultra-thin laptops and as well as ultrathin notebooks.

The A-Series (codenamed Llano) on the other hand is targeted at mainstream laptops and desktops. Llano is the first AMD 32nm processor to remain an competitive step with Intel, which has been shipping 32nm chips from January 2010. Llano is also a more powerful processor than the current APUs, which is a competitor to be a lot of dual-core Core i3 (Sandy Bridge) processors on desktops and laptops, AMD has a separate desktop code name Zambezi with four, six, and eight core variants, that will competing head to head with fastest Intel Core i5 and Core i7.

About AMD

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